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Evolution of Online Gaming and Online Casinos

Online casinos are some of the most popular sites online and these sites will provide players from all over the world with exciting and realistic games that replicate what would be found in a land casino. When online gambling first started to be offered, there were select software providers that were developing the games and services. The very first company to begin offering a cash casino game online was Microgaming. This company started with the creation of games in the early 1990s and has become a software giant in the industry. Once other provides saw the room for success in the market, they too began developing their own games to feature in an online casino. The online gambling boom occurred in the late 1990s with many top names entering the market, such as Playtech and Net Entertainment.

When online gambling was first introduced in 1994, players would have to get a CD ROM from the gambling company and use that to install games to their computer. They would then have to wait long times for connections since internet was only available through a dial up connection. In addition to the speed of the games and the access to online casinos, the game quality was nothing in comparison to what it is today. The graphics were low quality and there were seldom games created with an audio function. The first major improvement in the software for online gambling came with the introduction of flash technology, where players could access cash games without downloading software. While this was a huge improvement, it still required plug-ins and other things so the games would work. The major benefit to flash games was the enhanced graphics and sounds, as well as the speed of the games. One of the leading companies to introduce flash games was Net Entertainment a provider that still creates some of the best flash based games anywhere online.

In the beginning, players were limited to a small selection of casino games, but obvert eh years as technology evolved, so did the games offered in online casinos. Instead of only having a few slots and classic games like blackjack, players can now access hundreds of slot titles and many variations of blackjack, poker, roulette and other games. Players can now find just about any cash game online, offering a complete gambling experience that cannot compare to what was offered when online gambling first was introduced.

To further the evolution of online gambling, many companies like Microgaming and Playtech introduced mobile platforms, which would allow players to connect with their favourite online casinos and games through mobile device with an internet connection. As these devices become more advanced, so do the games that are offered. The leading software companies are always improving and evolving to offer players the best possible gambling experience without ever having to leave home.

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